Why Tilt Bins?


Constructed from super-rigid advanced materials, these heavy duty containers are strong and long-lasting. Designed to work as well after years of abuse as on day one.

Low Maintenance

Removable for easy cleaning. Self-closing and tightly sealed to keep dust out. Easy to wash with just soap & water.

Easy Organization

Crystal clear bins let you see what’s inside. Color-coded handles make it easy to group items. Stackable cabinets with many size options.

Tilt bins: organize everything.


Strong, long-lasting & rigid

Not just any plastic storage, the cabinets are made from high-impact polystyrene. They’re rigid, durable and break-resistant. They’ll never bend or sag and will operate as smoothly after years of use as they did out of the box.

Interchangeable handles

The color-coded handles are easy to swap so you can easily categorize and organize your parts.

Smooth operation

Don’t get weighed down. Our bins tip out instead of sliding on rails, reducing friction. They always open and close smoothly, regardless of how much weight is inside the bins.

Removable bins

Bins can be easily removed. They’re easily cleaned with just soap and water, and the styrene construction is so strong that you don’t have to worry about damaging them over repeated removals.

Crystal clear

The storage bins made from crystal styrene so you can see exactly what’s inside each one at a glance.

Self-closing & Dust-proof

Thanks to an innovative design, our bins close as soon they’re released. This helps prevent accidents and keeps dust out, perfect for tough industrial environments and sensitive contents.

Easy access to all the nuts & bolts, bits and pieces.



Organize thousands of small parts and accessories. Tilt bins are perfect for nuts, bolts, screws, bearings, rings and components up to 7” long. With optional locking bars, space to add labels for scanning and interchangeable handles, they’re perfect for advanced warehouses and workshops. Tilt bins will operate smoothly regardless of how much weight is in the bin.


Dust-proof, easy to wash and self-closing, these containers are great for hospitals, pharmacies, and pharmaceuticals. They’re perfect for the pills, packaging and other items that need to be kept clean, organized, and accessible. Check out the stacking and racking options as well.


Small goods up to 7″ long fit perfectly and are always readily accessible when displayed in tilt bins for use in any store from small corner shop to big box retailer. The bins are crystal clear for easy identification by employees and customers alike. Tilt bins feature interchangeable, color-coded handles for product categories and plastic handles that are pre-molded for custom labels.


Organizing the home sometimes feels like a losing battle. Use our tilt bins for your screws, nails and small tools in the garage, clothespins and safety pins in the laundry room, spices in kitchen, and so much more. Get creative!


Wall Mountable

  • Each cabinet is designed to be wall-mountable, with pre-drilled keyholes

Stack & Rack

  • The cabinets are also designed to be stacked and racked.
  • When stacked, all bins align to the front.
  • A variety of racking systems are also available to build your own custom storage and organization system, such as single-row and sliding gondolas, standing and rolling frames.


All sets are standard 24” wide.

Custom Colors

  • Beige
  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Customizable with MOQ

Labels & Logo

Handles are pre-molded to accommodate labels.

Custom logo available on handles.


Lockbars are available to prevent accidental opening.